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Beyblade Puzzle Bubble

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Beyblade Puzzle Bubble

Beyblade Puzzle Bubble

Date added: 2013-04-12

Tags:beyblade games  beyblade puzzle booble 

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Game Information:

This is very interesting game similar to the very famous Puzzle Bobble game from Taito. There is almost no person on this world who never played this game. The objective in this game is to launch your beyblades the way three or more beyblades with same color connect so you can boost your energy for the next level. There is an Rip Line at the bottom of the screen, above your launcher and if any of the beyblades hit that line, the game is over. Have in mind to watch the color of the next beyblade waiting to be launched. Good luck.

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to setup your launcher and space bar to launch the beyblade.

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