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Beyblade : Blade Race

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Beyblade : Blade Race

Beyblade : Blade Race

Date added: 2013-04-17

Tags:beyblade games  beyblade race games

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Game Information:

This is an very enjoyable Beyblade game. Your goal is to control your beyblade using the left and right arrows and keep it on the track. If your Beyblade become too fast for controlling then use the up arrow to lower the speed but dont do it too often and too much because you wont earn any points. Also sometimes you may jump from the ramps, so make sure you land your beyblade on the track because you will wipe out. This is an very entertaining game and i am sure you will enjoy it! Good Luck Beyblader!

How to play:

Use the > and < arrows to move left and right and the up arrow to slow down your Beyblade

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  • avatar
    Mizuki (12) - 2016-03-29, 16:04
    This is so hard to do! Mostly because of my glitchy computer.. It's SO HARD to control LDrago!
    Gingka: Who??
    Mizuki: Nothing!

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