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Beyblade - Let It Rip

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Beyblade - Let It Rip

Beyblade - Let It Rip

Date added: 2012-09-24

Tags:beyblade games  beyblade free games online  beyblade_games

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Game Information:

First you need to select a character: Maria,Tyson, Bryan, Eddy or Johnny. Then the match starts on the Beystadium: you need to stop the Beyblade of your opponent without loosing yoo much energy. Each time the beyblades hits each other or hit the boarders of the stadium they lose energy. You are collecting energy before the start of the battle and your enrgy is displayed on a side of the screen. Also durning the match you can use skills which can be Attack or Armor(defence) which help you to defeat your opponent. If you win a match you collect experience points which help you upgrade your beyblade. Good luck.

How to play:

Defeat your opponents beyblade, making him to lose the whole energy.

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